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Food Inc. by Robert Kenner

Food. Everyone has it, but no one cares enough to think about who it may affect or how. This documentary film shows a  behind the “curtain” of how our food is being made. In the supermarket, we only see packaging, boneless meat, processed fruits and vegetables. Its hard to imagine our lives going backwards, but why have the animals suffer? The entire food industry has been corrupt, showing farms as a background, seeing farmers, seeing healthy animals but in reality they are all factories. The animals are suffering and there is hardly any one saying stop. Of course America has to be the most overweight, so of course our factories are bigger. People need to open they’re eyes and know that they are processing our food, meats have a large hormone they inject and how do WE know it will not affect us in the long run? I clearly got impacted by this film and it makes the average person think whether or not they should eat certain foods. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to know about the way our food, the real way out food, is made.

Food Inc

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